Winner: New Flesh Award for Best First Feature - Fantasia Film Festival 2016

"The latest gem to emerge from the loose U.S. wave of personal indie genre visions of recent years that includes such singular works as THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE, BELLFLOWER and RESOLUTION, MAN UNDERGROUND is a very special and uncomfortable film. A sometimes funny, sometimes frightening work of intense paranoid drama with chilling elements of sci-fi and an incredible lead performance from FLAKED’s George Basil... A very special film that instantly announces its co-writing/directing team of Michael Borowiec and Sam Marine as major new talents to watch. In fact, you won’t be able to look away." - Fantasia Film Festival


Written & Directed by: SAM MARINE & MICHAEL BOROWIEC
Trailer Edited by: ALAN LAPOINTE
© Millennium Blonde

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