WILLEM KODA: GEORGE BASIL - George is a Greek from Baltimore. He did theater at the Magnet in New York. He now lives in California, forever wrestling with the idea of rescuing two dogs at the same time. You can catch George on the Netflix series Flaked, in which he co-stars with Will Arnett, and TBS's new series Wrecked. For more, visit http://thegeorgebasil.tumblr.com/

FLOSSIE FERGUSON: PAMELA FILA - Born and raised in New York City, Pamela Fila attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Over the last year, she has been testing out the L.A. water and is now riddled with the impossible question: Which coast is REALLY the best coast? Back in N.Y., she's stoked to find out what 2016 has in store for her. Pamela's dog is her spirit animal. For more information, check out www.pamelafila.com

TODD MUCKLE: ANDY ROCCO - Andy likes to think that his credit for the movie should be "Andy Rocco is Todd Muckle." Because he's pretentious and because he really enjoyed and is proud of his work in Man Underground. Other than that, Andy Rocco is a comedian/actor that has been at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater NYC for a long time. Outside of the UCB he can be seen on Adult Swim's "Fat Guy Stuck in Internet," and the Starburst commercial with the dog sticking its butt out the window. His first paid acting job was for an industrial birth control video where he played "the pill." You can also hear his voice on the interstitials on all of MC Chris's albums. Currently, Andy resides in LA with his wife.

FRANCIS: FELIX HAGEN - Felix Hagen is an interdisciplinary citizen (sometimes refered to by his close friends as "Felix the Artist Citizen") whose pursuits include photography, drawing, writing (for the page and screen) and performance. He graduated from art school with a BFA in photography and drawing/painting. In 2014 he completed his 2 year actors training at William Esper Studio. He is currently in Los Angeles pursuing the arts.

STAN BOWMAN: STEPHEN GIRASUOLO - Stephen will be featured in the upcoming Hulu series "The Path" created by Jessica Goldberg, as well as principal roles in the upcoming features "THRU" staring James Handy and in "Brooklyn Roses" (both slated for 2016 releases).  Stephen is a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Drama and he also studied at the Chautauqua Theater Conservatory. He is the founder of Savin Rock Entertainment, a NYC production company where he directed and produced 12 short films in 2015. He is also a writer and his new play, "Everything Must Go" was developed this past year at New York Stage and Film under the direction of Joanna Pfaelzer.

LORRAINE: ELEANOR HUTCHINS - Eleanor is an actor, writer and teacher. She is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in theater, and has appeared in a whole bunch of films and television shows, most recently “Inside Amy Schumer” and “True Story." She produced & starred in Ilya Chaiken’s web series “The Unlovables” and wrote & directed the short film “The Elastic." Eleanor is ⅛ of Dirty Birds, a sketch comedy group that performs monthly, and a member of The Seven Daughter’s of Eve Theater and Performance Company.

SHACK: ALEX WATT - Alex Watt is a writer and performer from Long Island, New York. He played Alex the Page on MTV's "Middle of the Night Show" and often contributes to The New Yorker's website.



PRODUCER: MOHIT JASWAL - Mohit Jaswal is an award winning filmmaker, having produced music videos for bands such as They Might Be Giants and MC Frontalot. He is a graduate from the North Carolina School Of The Arts. He currently lives in Austin, Texas, filming sketch comedy at The New Movement.

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: MAXIMILIAN LEWIN - Max is a freelance Director of Photography with a dense background in narrative and commercial cinematography. Just like the Director and Producer, he also graduated from SUNY Purchase. Currently, Max works for a small production company in TriBeCa, making movies and beautiful images on a daily basis.

PRODUCTION DESIGNER: AMBER CICARDO - Amber Cicardo is a freelance Production Designer and Prop stylist living in Astoria with her dog and long time cinematographer boyfriend. She's an avid thrifter, DIY'er and adventurer. She's worked on several features since, "Man Underground" and has been trying her hand at Prop Styling for a Social Media Ad Agency. For more, check out https://ambercicardo.squarespace.com

GAFFER: DAN DEBREY - Dan Debrey works as a lighting technician in New York and creates personal projects on the side. He hopes that his personal projects and his job will be the same soon. He also likes skiing and street photography.

COSTUME DESIGNER: ALEXANDRA LOPEZ - Alexandra Lopez is a visual artist / comedian from Queens, NY. Catch a glimpse of her intergalactic romance on her instagram: @meandbaelien